Hello, world.

Well, hello.  I’m a personal chef, and I’ve been running my business outside of Boston for going on 5 years now.  It’s a great gig if you love to cook but don’t crave the rough hours, iffy pay and physical insanity of restaurant or catering work.  (At times, I still do crave that…but it passes.)  I’m busy, I’m happy, I’m bursting at the seams with all sorts of tidbits of info I’ve gleaned over the years of doing this.   So this blog will be chock full of stuff that may be of interest to other, or aspiring, personal chefs.  Things like:

– What’s the best way to mash potatoes when the client doesn’t have a masher, and you forgot yours?

– How do you “fix” a soup that keeps soaking up all the broth as it cools?

– Can you use a clock radio to flatten chicken breasts?

(Answers: a handmixer; leave extra broth for the client to add when heating; and no, unless you wrap it really well in plastic first and you’re really desparate).    There will be practical kitchen tips; ways to work around forgotten ingredients/tools/equipment; techniques for changing up recipes to make them more suitable for personal cheffing…and other things that pop up during my day as a personal chef.

And who are you?  You might be another personal chef, or someone who’d like to be one.   My hope is that other PCs do visit here, and share their knowledge too.  Or perhaps you’re a home cook who appreciates tips and info that can really streamline the process of making dinner…especially if you’re one of those super-ahead-of-the-game types that makes a bunch of meals at once, to freeze for later.  Kudos to you if you are; I can rarely manage to do that for myself.

Whoever you are, welcome!   And thanks for being here.


2 thoughts on “Hello, world.

  1. Hi! My name is Ashley, and I just came across your blog; how happy I am that I did! I’m currently in the very beginning stages of starting up my own personal chef business. Your site has provided so much wonderful information! It’s been really overwhelming doing research and finding useful information, but you’ve done an awesome job. I also live in the Boston area. I recently left my job as a sous chef at a great restaurant. I’ve been pondering venturing into this business since I graduated culinary school. I would love to be able to chat with you personally, maybe grab a coffee or a small bite to eat, if you were up to it. On me, of course. It would be really helpful to have some pointers from someone who is clearly doing this right. If not, I totally understand! Either way, I’m truly glad I found your blog. Hope you have a great day! -Ashley (ashleysantos35@gmail.com)

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