Ugh. A spoiled pork roast spoils the cook date.

Nothing you can do really, when you discover a key ingredient has gone wrong…in my case today it was a spoiled pork tenderloin. Pork, like all meat, has a smell, and sometimes it can be stronger than others, especially if it’s in a cryovac package (vacuum-sealed plastic), apparently.  If you detect a faint questionable aroma, rinse it off first.  Sometimes (this is gross) the blood and fluid that remains on the meat after butchering can develop a smell.  If you rinse it off and the meat smells fine, you’re in good shape.  Of course, if you detect a strong odor coming from your meat, run, don’t walk back to the store, get your money back, and get the client something else!

This is what I had to do today.  Actually, I had two clients today,  so I decided to finish up at client #1, go on to client #2, then hit the store on my way back, pick up new meat and return to client #1 to redo the pork tenderloin.   A long day made longer, but what can you do?  By the way, the pork dish was an old favorite from The Joy of Cooking Pork Tenderloin with Balsamic-Citrus Sauce.  If you’ve got a copy of Joy around – and really, you should – give it a whirl!


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