Food Safety Acts

Lots of stories out there about the numerous food safety bills before congress, most notably HR 875 – the “Food Safety Modernization Act.”  Sponsored by a Connecticut congresswoman, it likely had the good intentions of helping to prevent contamination outbreaks like the recent food recalls surrounding peanuts, pistachios, tomatoes, jalapenos, spinach, etc…but many, myself included, feel that its broad language could potentially force small organic farmers to follow federally-established guidelines and regulatory requirements meant for huge agribusinesses – an expense that could put many small farmers out of business.  In a time when interest in local and organic produce and other food products is growing,  we need more small farms, not fewer!*

Here’s a good article  that talks about HR 875 and other food safety bills before Congress:

(* what is with the misuse of the word “fewer” lately?  I keep hearing it used when the proper word is “less”, or vice versa.  When you have mutiples of individual things that you can count – marbles, stamps, tomatoes – and someone takes one, now you have fewer.  Any other time, the word you want is “less.”   Or, what she said. It’s not hard – Im talking to you, my local newscaster! )


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