Personal chefs, share your tips!

I’ m not sure if I’ve come out and issued an open call to all of you (current or past) personal chefs out there, but if not,  it’s definitely been in my head since I started this blog…with so few resources or watering holes out there for experienced PCs, especially free ones, I think having another place to share tips could be really helpful.  So please send me any tips you’d like to share with your fellow PCs.   I’ll post the best ones here and give you (and your business) a link and a shoutout.  They should be short; a few lines at most, like so: “Need to pound chicken breasts thin and can’t find a meat mallet?  Use a small heavy saucepan, a rolling pin, or even a heavy can of tomatoes or beans.”  (The reader tips in Cook’s Illustrated or Cuisine at Home are great examples.)   Thanks in advance for sharing your insights!

Chefchick Says:  Make parchment paper your very best friend! Line your sheet pans with it before roasting or baking for easy cleanup and no sticking; use it for mise en place (one big sheet for all your little piles of diced celery, onions etc.);  spread cooked foods on it for cooling, etc.


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