How Does My Garden Grow? Well, we’ll see.

I have never been able to keep much of anything alive in a pot or in the ground before, but since moving to the burbs (almost 4 years, still adjusting)  I find myself surrounded by green things that want attention in the for of water, sunlight, organic matter on which to feed.  Or I should say, things that aspire to be green, or that used to be green, but which may not currently be that healthy, shiny, happy shade of green that everything is in those stupid magazines that make some of us feel so very very inadequate.  But, I’m learning.  Slowly.  Most of what I do outside can’t properly be called gardening yet. I aspire to garden. Mostly I’m still in the brush-clearing,  rock hauling, “what the hell is that? I don’t know, dig it up” phase.  (Quite a wild, rocky, sloped, wooded piece of property we have…it’s really very cool.)   But I’m outside, getting dirty, and actually quite enjoying it.  I hated it at first because it was all so confusing, but over time you learn more, and I’ve come to realize it’s a great way to feed my instant-gratification needs.  Spend a couple of hours and you can have a nice new planting bed,  maybe a leaf-free lawn, even a nice little rock wall.  For free!  Pretty cool.

For my latest outdoor project I’m finally – finally! – dipping my toe into the waters of organic vegetable gardening.  I attended a terrific organic gardening workshop last weekend at the Natick Community Organic Farm, and got some excellent practical advice on composting, what to plant when, care and feeding etc.   Today I bought some organic seeds and built my little raised bed from scrap lumber on hand from our kitchen remodel a couple years ago – basically just leveled out a 4×8 area (of my sloped, rocky property), cut some boards to fit and screwed them together at the corners.   Next stop, filling the bed (I’m angling to get some free or cheap soil via freecycle or craigslist, and mulling whether to do it lasagna-style…) and planting the seeds.  I’m starting very small, just some greens, peas, beans, cukes, later some tomatoes and herbs.   Wish me luck…

(Here it is, a few weeks later…wonder of wonders, green things are sprouting.  And I did get some wonderful organic soil via freecycle.)

Green things are sprouting, May 17

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