Harvest time. Ha!

Remember that garden I started back in the spring, with high hopes?

Sigh.  Here is what it yielded:

0804 014

I know it was a tough summer all around for growing veggies – my CSA had fairly weak output all season, and lost many of their tomatoes and potatoes to late blight – so I’m not giving up.   I have doubts about whether there’s enough sunlight on my heavily wooded property, but I’m going to test the soil first and see if some improvements there are in order.   Even the lettuces barely popped out of the ground, and never got past the small sad scrawny stage.  Only the beans and peas produced anything, and that was paltry.   No beets popped up at all.  I never got around to planting the tomatoes or cukes, and from what I hear from other folks who had garden woes this year, it’s probably just as well…

Chefchick Says: Skip overpriced basting brushes sold at kitchen stores…I buy cheap paintbrushes at my local hardware store or big box home improvement emporium.   At about 50 cents a pop vs. $10 or more, I don’t mind when they start to disintegrate and need to be replaced, and I just prefer the way natural bristles hold oil and marinades, vs. the way silicone does.


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