Summer is a good time for strategy

Summer is a time when many people spend less time thinking about food.  That is, thinking about getting a reasonably healthful family dinner on the table amidst a busy day of school, work, sports and other activities, with the tyranny of homework and bedtime and the next day’s early start looming over them.  Dinner thoughts turn more to easy grilling, simply prepared fresh veggies and salads, watermelon and popsicles for dessert…easily accomplished by many among my clientele. Because of this (and vacations), summer is often a slower time for personal chefs.  I like to use the extra time focusing on my business, planning  what’s next and how I can grow.  I attend as many workshops, meet-ups, conferences and webinars as I can, where other small business owners and like-minded folks can inspire and educate me. The Center for Women and Enterprise is an organization I talk up frequently, since that was where I first developed my business plan way back in 2004.  Do you have a business, or are you thinking of starting one?  Or wondering where to go next in your career?  They have lots of workshops, seminars and classes that can help you figure it all out.


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