Zucchini Pancakes

There are lots of recipes for veggie pancakes, fritters, and the like, and this time of the year the bounty of fresh produce makes them a great choice for a light supper, picnic lunch, or side dish.  I’ve belonged to a CSA program (Community Supported Agriculture program, where you pay a set amount in the winter or early spring and receive fresh produce all season long) for many years, and love being awash in all sorts of fresh veggies and fruits that I didn’t have to grow, water, weed and harvest myself!  After 9 years I decided to take this summer off however, chiefly so I can do more shopping at local farmers markets, as well as do more spur-of-the-moment cooking.  I view my kitchen as a a kind of daily Top Chef challenge – what can I make with what’s in here?? – and this year I wanted to expand that concept to wandering the markets and seeing what I can make with what looks great.

Yesterday, I visited the Framingham Farmers Market in the center green (Edgell Rd & Vernon Rd), and what looked great was 1) KETTLE CORN! yum; and 2) zucchini, salad greens and tomatoes from Silvia Farms. I just had a few minutes to pop by, but that’s the beauty of these markets – fresh air and open space, easy to see what’s available, and no long lines of heavily laden grocery carts. Seeing the zucchini reminded me of the Zucchini Pancakes I saw in Chop Chop Magazine recently.  Do you know Chop Chop?  If not, and if you have children (or know some) who you’d love to interest in food, cooking and nutrition – which should be all of them, honestly – then you should definitely check out Chop Chop.  Their mission is teaching families about real food.  The recipes are simple and accessible for even the youngest of home cooks. My ChefKid, who has previously (and vehemently) stated an inverse preference for zucchini, loved making these and even eating them. We dipped them in Greek yogurt, but they are great on their own or with  ketchup, sour cream, applesauce, perhaps even Ranch dressing!   We added fresh mint and basil because we had some, and because she loves nibbling on the fresh leaves. (Anytime there’s something you can to a dish that will increase your or your family’s enjoyment, I say go for it!)

Recipe here: http://www.chopchopmag.org/recipe/zucchini-pancakes



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