about chefchick

I’m Christine Taylor Garner, chef/owner of TaylorMade Meals personal chef service here in the metrowest burbs outside Boston.  Graduate of Cambridge School of Culinary Arts (class valedictorian, thankyouverymuch);  former tech marketer; career-changer; lover of food, my job, my family, and making the best use of everything down to the last little bit.

I started this blog because I wanted to share info that I’ve gleaned over the past 10+ years I’ve been cheffing (yep, I use that as a verb. I admit that it’s semi-obnoxious.)  Blogging seems like a good vehicle for randomly blurting out whatever pops in to your head at a particular moment, which appeals to my  sense of spontenaiety and my terrible, goldfish-like memory (and attention span.)  Something pops in to your head that you think is useful or potentially interesting; you blog it, then move on.  Super!  Let’s see how it goes.

I really hope other personal chefs will stop by here and share their own tips as well.  There aren’t many places where we can share information, so why not give it a shot!  Send me a tip, I’ll post the best ones and give you and your web site a shoutout and a link.

Thanks for visiting!


5 thoughts on “about chefchick

  1. I love your blog, Christine. I know I’ll come back over and over to pick up tips and share a few too! Very nice.

  2. I love your blog too. Very interesting and helpful information. What talent – wonder if some came from the King family?

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